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Mark Dice Video Buried on Youtube
2018-10-11    0 views
Mark Dice's most popular video, “Donald Trump’s Funniest Insults and Comebacks,” with nearly 10 million views, is buried as the 55th results in default Youtube search, which is sorted by “Relevance,” even when one searches for the exact title of the video.
China Uncensored censored on Youtube
2018-10-01    4 views
Popular Youtube channel China Uncensored appears to have been scrapped from the search suggestions as of Oct. 1, 2018.
'Crazy Incident' Sees Traffic Stop Suspect Wrestle With Officer Before Driving Off
2018-05-31    12 views
A routine traffic stop turned into a “crazy incident” for a Walton County, Georgia, deputy on Sunday, March 18, as the suspect wrestled him to the ground before driving off.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office said that the suspect was stopped for speeding. His initial escape resulted in a high-speed chase that ended when the suspect’s car was forced off the road. Police thanked the driver of a truck who saw the incident and followed the suspect’s car while the police were catching up.

The suspect was charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, and drug charges for possessing a large amount of Zanax, police said.

The officer involved suffered a broken toe, police said.

Credit: Walton County GA Sheriff's Office via Storyful
Trump Press Sec to Media: We’re Committed to Free Press, Your Job Is to Be Accurate
2018-05-09    0 views
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders answered a question about a tweet of President Donald Trump that earlier on Wednesday, May 9, brought up the idea to strip White House press credentials from “Fake News” media after a report showed that evening news coverage of Trump presidency on network television has been overwhelmingly negative.

“We’re very committed to free press and I think that we demonstrate that every single day,” Sanders said.

She said a number of reporters commended the administration for running “one of the most accessible White Houses.”

“The fact that I’m standing here taking questions, the fact that the President took questions from your colleagues just two hours ago demonstrate this White House’s commitment to accessibility and to providing information to the American public,” she said. “At the same time the press has a responsibility to put out accurate information.”

She pointed out that just a day earlier The New York Times ran a story accusing State Secretary Michael Pompeo of going AWOL (leaving without permission) during Trump’s announcement of withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. Meanwhile, Pompeo was on his way to North Korea to bring back three Americans released from detention by the communist dictatorship.

Sanders slammed the Times’ piece. “AWOL! When he was flying across the globe to bring three Americans home. That was an outrageous claim,” she said.
Trump Press Sec: Clinton, Obama, Kerry Are Last People We’d Take Advice From on Iran
2018-05-09    0 views
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said former President Barack Obama and his former State Secretaries Hillary Clinton and John Kerry would be the last people the administration of President Donald Trump would take advice from on dealing with Iran.

She was asked to respond to the responses of Obama, Clinton, and Kerry to Trump’s announcement of withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.

“I think based on each of these individuals lack of success in this entire process on foreign affairs they would probably be the last three people that we would look to for advice and counsel and whether or not we had made the right decision,” she said.

Trump has severely criticized the deal negotiated by Kerry under Obama.

On Tuesday Trump called it “horrible, one-sided deal that should have never been made.”
Dinner Party is Served Flambéd Cheese--The Dish Goes Up in Cloud of Smoke
2018-05-05    0 views
James Hughes was dining with business partners at the Cava Mezze in Baltimore on April 17 when they ordered saganaki, a Greek fried cheese dish often lit on fire before being served.

"My team thought I ordered too much Saganaki," Hughes said, posting on Facebook a video of the moment when three restaurant workers flambéd the dishes.

"[B]ut it turns out that I ordered just the right amount (to set the sprinklers off)."

Perfectly serving its purpose, the sprinkler system quickly doused off the dishes.

"Enjoy, this one is going viral for sure!" Hughes commented.

Credit: James Hughes via Storyful
LA Cop Drains Mind-Boggling Court-Length Trick Shot--His Instagram Is on Next Level
2018-04-24    0 views
Los Angeles Police Officer Arius George has some serious skills as demonstrated in this video, where he drains a court-lengths shot with his back facing the basket.

"Any other Department up for the challenge??" LAPD commented, posting the video on its Twitter account.

In fact, the officer is on Instagram under the account @trickshotlord showcasing all sorts of trick shots.

Credit: Los Angeles Police Department via Storyful
Giant Fireball Bursts out of Gas Tanker on Fire in Alabama
2018-04-23    2 views

An 18-wheel tanker caught fire and exploded after a collision with what local news said was a jeep on Sunday, April 22, in Mobile, Alabama.

The tanker was filled with gasoline, the driver told Mobile Fire-Rescue.

“For the safety of the public, teams of fire personnel evacuated civilians from homes and businesses in the immediate vicinity of the burning truck,” a statement from Mobile Fire-Rescue, cited by WKRG, read.

No injuries were reported.

Credit: Jayson R Gilger via Storyful
For the 1st Time, Baby Tree Kangaroo Jumps Out of Mommy's Pouch
2018-04-21    22 views
A Goodfellow’s tree-kangaroo joey took his first hops at the Taronga Zoo in Mosman, Australia, on Thursday, April 19.

In a video shared on the zoo’s official Facebook page, the little joey can be seen climbing out of his mother’s pouch and taking his first few hops in the world. The zoo announced the joey’s emergence from his mother’s pouch on April 10 in a press release. The baby kangaroo is a boy but has not been named yet.

As of writing, the footage has over 50,000 views on Facebook.

Credit: Taronga Zoo, Sydney via Storyful
Man Gets Stuck High on Palm Tree--Firefighters Stage Dramatic Rescue
2018-04-20    0 views
A tree trimmer got stuck in a palm tree in Tucson, Arizona, on Wednesday, April 18, prompting two fire engines and paramedic staff to mobilize—less than a week after the firefighters were trained on palm tree rescues.

A clip shared to the Tucson Fire Department Facebook page shows two firefighters high on a fire truck ladder working to free the man stuck among hanging palm tree branches. The footage shows the tree trimmer falling several feet as firefighters cut away branches.

Captain Andy Skaggs of the Tucson Fire Department said the tree trimmer works by himself in the area and had the necessary equipment but told firefighters he made a mistake and “put himself in that scenario,” Tucson News Now reported.

Firefighters were trained in palm tree rescue on April 12 and April 13.

Credit: Tucson Fire Department via Storyful
They Thought This Puppy Was Paralyzed—Then Something Incredible Happens
2018-04-20    0 views
Banky the puppy was paralyzed after somebody threw her out of a moving car when six weeks old. At least that's what her rescuers believed.

The dog was found with multiple injuries and brought to the Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs. The pup underwent a hernia operation and other treatment and was brought to a stable condition. But she still wouldn't move her rear legs.

Then one day the staff noticed an incredible change—Banky was trying to stand up. It wasn't much, but enough to hint a recovery.

The rescue organization first posted about Banky on its Facebook page on April 10. Then, on Wednesday, April 18, it posted this video showing Banky's progress.

Credit: Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs via Storyful
Passenger Posts Unnerving Video as Southwest Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Philadelphia
2018-04-19    0 views
New video emerged from a passenger who was on board a Southwest Airlines flight which was diverted to Philadelphia after the plane sustained damage on Tuesday, April 17. Passenger Cherub Alethia of Brooklyn, New York, posted the video on her Instagram, writing “I survived.”

Alethia can be seen in her video after she was instructed to put on an oxygen mask during the descent.

"Can’t believe I had to send a goodbye text... God you are so good," she later wrote on Facebook.

Credit: Cherub Alethia Ruth via Storyful
Flood Sweeps Buffalo Off Farm—Here's How It Was Recaptured Using Lasso and Jet Ski
2018-04-19    0 views
A herd of buffalo were on the loose in Hanalei, Hawaii, on Monday, April 16, after heavy rain caused flooding in the area.

Flooding swept a herd off their farm in Hanalei, prompting efforts to retrieve the animals, KITV 4 reported. This video shows a cowboy on a jet ski recapturing one of the animals.

The flooding also caused severe erosion along several roadways in Kauai, prompting road closures, KHON 2 reported.

Credit: Honolulu Civil Beat via Storyful
Ohio Sheriff's Deputy Rescues Woman From Flooded Vehicle—While They Have Unbelievable Conversation
2018-04-18    4 views
A sheriff’s deputy rescued a woman who was stuck in her vehicle on a flooded road in Chippewa Township, Ohio, on Monday, April 16. The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office released a video showing the deputy helping the woman to safety while the two carry a quirky conversation.

The National Weather Service had issued a flood warning after several inches of rain fell in Northeast Ohio, including Wayne County, Patch reported.

In the video, the deputy equips himself with life preservers and heads for the partially submerged vehicle.

"Oh man, it's going to be cold," he's heard saying before traversing the water.

The water on the road wasn’t deep, but it was deeper in ditches near the road, a police representative said.

"I'm so sorry," the woman says when the deputy reaches the car.

"You're ok. It happens," the deputy says.

The deputy first tries to open the front door, but it's stuck. He then opens the rear door.

The woman climbs over to the back seat, but when she's to step into the water, she come to a rather unexpected realization—the water might damage her footwear.

"Oh my God, these are really nice shoes," she says. "Can I take my shoes of?"

She does.

The video then shows the deputy walking with the woman back to dry land.

"Whoa! My feet are cold," the deputy says.

"Mine too," the woman says.

The two then continue a small talk while wading towards the police cruiser.

Credit: Wayne County Sheriff's Office via Storyful
Family Mobilizes Hundreds to Find Dog Stolen From Their Yard
2018-04-18    0 views
A family from Wrotham, Kent, received stunning news on Tuesday, April 17—eight days after their dog, Bear, disappeared from their garden.

The male Pomeranian vanished on April 9, and the family said a security camera footage shows a van pulling up and somebody taking the dog.

The family and friends conducted an extensive social media campaign to find Bear. A Facebook group dedicated to returning Bear to his home had over 1,300 members at time of writing.

Then, on Tuesday, the family was informed that Bear was handed in to a veterinarian and identified. The moment he was reunited with the family was recorded by his owner Josephine Cordell. The video shows the family's children huddling around the dog and petting him with big smiles on their faces.

"We can’t thank everyone enough for all the help you have given to get Bear home. Thank you so so so much," Cordell wrote.

Credit: Josephine Cordell via Storyful
Flood Water Pours Down NYC Subway Station—While Trains Still Running
2018-04-16    0 views
In this eye-popping footage, flood water from a heavy rain pours from the ceiling of an underground Subway station in midtown Manhattan on Monday, April 16, while a train makes a stop at the station, but apparently doesn't open doors.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced that F and M trains would skip the Bryant Park station due to water pouring onto the platform.

Rain and flooding caused major delays on New York Subway lines on Monday, including the 1 line stop at W 145th St where water gushed down the stairs and flooded the platform.

Credit: @Dangbattleship via Storyful
After 37 Years of Marriage, Man Does Beautiful Thing for Terminally Ill Wife
2018-04-16    0 views
After 13,337 days of marriage, a father in Tremonton, Utah, prepared a beautiful surprise for his terminally ill wife.

Greg Madson recreated his marriage proposal to his wife Sherri.

Her reaction, however, wasn't as straightforward as one might expect.

She has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. That’s why Greg wears a t-shirt with “Fight Cancer” printed on it. His son had the t-shirts printed to raise funds for Sherri.

“The way things are going right now (unless we get a miracle), Sherri may only have a couple good months left with us,” said the son (only identified by his Twitter nick @JJMadson15) to Storyful.

“This was something extra special that we were able to help my dad put together for her.”

Credit: @JJMadson15 via Storyful
2018-04-16    1K views
This is the shocking moment a lorry burst into flames in the middle of a busy market.

The truck is thought to have set alight after it came into contact with overhead cables at Ranapur Kandanpur market in Jabhua district, northern India.

The driver of the burning vehicle, which was carrying hay, managed to drive it out of the built-up area without the fire spreading.

After getting the burning vehicle to a safe location, he ran away to avoid the police.

Firefighters then put the blaze out in front of stunned locals.

Credit: SWNS
K-9 Takes Down His First Suspect—Here's the Bodycam Video
2018-04-14    2K views
An up-and-coming K-9 officer, Yager, passed a major milestone on Thursday, April 12, chasing after an alleged car thief in Spring Hill, Fla.

Deputies tried to pull over Aaron Joaquim Demello, 28, for speeding in the area of Bosley Drive and Lawless Road, Pasco County Sheriff's Office stated.

Demello attempted to escape—driving a stolen car—but after a chase a tire blew out on the vehicle. Demello then tried his luck on foot, fleeing into the woods.

Deputy Michael Sentner and his partner Yager joined the pursuit and helped to successfully apprehend the suspect.

Credit: Pasco County Sheriff's Office
Water Main Breaks Spectacularly—Bursts Through Concrete Slabs in Middle of Street
2018-04-14    0 views
This remarkable clip shows a disastrous scene after a water main exploded, causing a 30-foot fountain.

The blast flung large slabs of concrete up into the air and gallons of water erupted from the ground in Cleckheaton, West Yorks.

A loud "bang" woke residents in Sycamore Drive just after 5 a.m. on Friday, April 13, as the area flooded within minutes.

Some locals were evacuated as several properties on the street bore the brunt of the water cascading down inside their homes,

The road will also remain closed until Monday lunchtime, groundwork teams said.

There have been no reports of customers with a loss of water supply, said a spokesperson for Yorkshire Water.

“Due to the work that needs to be carried out to repair the main, our contract partner Morrison Utility Services has had to close the road, with diversions put in place," the spokesperson said. "Work will continue on site over the weekend and we are hopeful of the road being open again by Monday lunchtime.

"We apologize for any inconvenience caused."
Plane Drops Fire Retardant on Texas Wildfire—Here's Footage From Pilot's Perspective
2018-04-13    0 views
The Texas A&M Forest Service released video on Friday, April 13, showing a fire retardant drop from the pilot’s perspective at the Canadian River Fire.

A wildfire burned through 1,500 acres in the panhandle of Texas on Thursday, April 12, before firefighters were able to get it under control.

Several fires burned across Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico on Thursday, and the forecast said there would be an extreme fire risk on Friday.

Credit: Texas A&M Forest Service via Storyful
Canadian Boy Picks Up Hockey Stick on Porch—Does Touching Tribute to Hockey Team Bus Crash Victims
2018-04-13    0 views
A young boy arrived home from school to find his family had left a hockey stick on their front porch to honor the victims of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash. He plays around with the stick for a while, but, before putting it down, he does a beautiful gesture in memory of the 16 who died in the crash.

Victoria Heaney shared the video on Twitter on April 11, writing, "My family left a hockey stick on our porch for the Humboldt Broncos, and our ring doorbell caught this video of my little brother looking at the stick when he came home from school. Watch until the end, heartbreaking. "

In the video, the boy pauses as he sees the stick. He then picks it up and tests its strength for a moment. As he returns it to its original place, he plants a kiss on it. The video was viewed over 600,000 times and shared over 7,000 times.

A Go Fund Me account set up to help the families of the victims of the crash had passed $10 million at the time of writing.

Credit: @v_heaney16 via Storyful
Firefighters Do Their Best to Save Prematurely Born Twin Girls—3 Moths Later They Do This
2018-04-12    0 views
On New Years's Eve 2017, a group of Oklahoma City firefighters helped save two babies surviving a very premature birth. Three months later, they had a rare chance to catch up.

It all started with the Dec. 31 emergency call reporting an "Active Childbirth." Oklahoma City Fire Department's Engine 15B crew responded.

The mother, Jerany Santiago, had only found out earlier that day that she was 23 weeks pregnant, hours before she gave birth in her bathroom, KFOR reported.

The twin girls were incredibly small upon arrival, the firefighters noted. It was also very cold that night. The firefighters worked quickly to get the babies to a hospital.

They rode to the hospital with the infants, one in each ambulance. "One of the firefighters rode on the cot while holding the baby next to him to keep her warm," the fire department wrote on Facebook.

"The firefighters left the hospital fearful that the babies would not survive."

A clip shared to the department’s Facebook page shows the firefighters involved—Travis Fryrear, Timothy Radford, Nathan Vandervort, and Chad Grant—taking advantage of a rare chance to reunite with people they helped, meeting the twins and their mother.

Credit: Oklahoma City Fire Department via Storyful
Autistic Student's 1st Public Performance is Electrifying Star Spangled Banner—Then the Crowd Responds
2018-04-11    5K views
It was Ridge Brown's first public performance. Despite his autism, he played his guitar in front of a crowd of people—and the national anthem no less.

The Ironwood High School student in Glendale, Arizona, gave an electrifying performance of the Star Spangled Banner during a school pep rally on Friday, April 6.

After playing the glorious last notes, he was given a great round of applause by his fellow students.

Brown’s special education teacher, Sean Hegarty, shared a clip of Brown’s performance to Facebook on April 6. "He is amazing!" the the teacher wrote. "Ridge is a young man with autism and this was his first public performance. Please share and help him go viral!"

Credit: Sean Hegarty via Storyful
In Emotional Facebook Video, Fourth Grader Asks People to Stop Bullying
2018-04-11    0 views
A 10-year-old girl in Duryea, Pennsylvania, reached out in a video asking people to stop bullying one another and detailing her own experience with bullying.

Jenn Slater shared the video of her daughter, Cassidy, on her Facebook page. The fourth grader is holding signs in the video saying she has been bullied since first grade.

“One day during recess, a group of kids grabbed my purse off a teacher, and spit on it and me,” one sign read.

Credit: Cassidy Slater via Storyful
'It Is SOOOO Loud': Golf Ball-Sized Hail Batters Florida City
2018-04-10    0 views
Thunderstorms in St. Augustine, Florida, on Tuesday, April 10, dropped large hail across the area. Thunderstorms also had the potential for gusty winds, according to the National Weather Service.

This video shows the hail pummeling a street in St. Augustine, a coastal city some 13 miles southeast of Jacksonville.

"Wow, golf ball sized hail coming down, it is SOOOO loud," wrote Twitter user Main Street Magic Podcast, who posted the video.

Credit: mainstmagic via Storyful
Rabbit Leads State Police on Chase Around Boston's Bridge
2018-04-10    2 views
A rabbit gave Massachusetts State Police the run-around on Boston’s Zakim Bridge on Oct. 25, before being eventually captured by two officers, the police said.

Video shows the rabbit evading one officer as he tries to capture it in a cardboard box. A second officer appears with another cardboard box, and the video ends with both officers cornering the rabbit on the bridge.

While the finale does not appear, a police spokesman said on Twitter that the rabbit had been captured. There were no reports of injuries to the officers or rabbit.

Credit: Massachusetts State Police via Storyful
Girl Soccer Player Throws in Ball With Splendid Front Flip—Then This Happens and the Crowd Explodes
2018-04-09    2 views
Kansas soccer starlet Ashley Lakin helped clinch victory for Maize High School on Thursday, April 5, when she delivered a front flip throw-in to set up her teammate to score with a header.

Maize High were playing local rivals Maize South High School when Lakin pulled off the flip throw.

A clip of the play shared on Twitter had earned over 40,000 views at the time of writing.

Maize High School went on to win the game 2-1.

Credit: Matt Henderson via Storyful
Hiker Gets VERY Close to Reindeer Herd
2018-04-09    728 views
A delighted hiker came across the resident herd of reindeer in Cairngorms National Park on Sunday, April 8.

“What a beautiful country we live in,” said Sarah Inglis, who filmed the scene.

The herd is about 150-strong, mostly living in the Cairngorm Mountains some 70 miles north of Edinburgh.

It's the Britain's only free-ranging reindeer herd and it has its own website and social media accounts.

"These tame and friendly animals are a joy to all who come and see them," the website states. "Reindeer are not just for Christmas!"

Credit: Sarah Inglish via Storyful
Tense Twilight Zone Scene Gets Modern Update With Fast-Paced Drum Solo
2018-04-07    0 views
More than 50 years after its release, a YouTuber has brought back a scene from a 1960 episode of the Twilight Zone television series.

Irish musician David Dockery is known for his intricate drum pieces to accompany scenes from movies and TV shows.

His latest video, shared on Friday, April 6, features a segment from the Twilight Zone episode "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street." In the episode, a group of residents on a quiet suburban street become paranoid after a strange event shuts down power, communications, and even cars. The scene which inspired Dockery’s piece shows the residents keeping a watch on the home of their neighbor, Les Goodman, at night, after they have accused him of acting mysteriously. Another neighbor, Steve Brand, approaches Goodman but after a short exchange becomes himself a target of suspicion when confronted by a third neighbor, Charlie Farnsworth.

Dockery masterfully matches the actors' cadence with his own and finds beats fitting each actor's presentation highlighting not only his drumming skills, but also the rhythm of the dialog.

Dockery’s work has previously combined drum solos with scenes from "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia," "School of Rock," and "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" among others.

Credit: David Dockery via Storyful
Russian Social Media Craze Erupts—Should Good-Quality Chocolate Burn Like This
2018-04-05    417 views
A social media trend in Russia in which people set chocolate on fire prompted the announcement of an investigation by a state consumer watchdog on Thursday, April 5.

A number of videos posted online show Russian chocolate that smokes and burns, rather than melts. Many uploaders said this showed a suspect quality of chocolate.

However, Rospotrebnadzor, the Russian federal service for consumer protection, noted in its announcement that the propensity for food to burn was a “natural physiochemical process.” It urged consumers not to trust “random” sources of information.

Other videos posted online, such as this one, showed people burning chocolate from other countries, to illustrate that it too burned.

Credit: Cavescourier via Storyful
Active Shooter at YouTube Campus Prompts Evacuations
2018-04-04    0 views
Police said they were responding to an active shooter that left one person dead and three others injured at a YouTube building in San Bruno, California, on April 3.

This footage shows people evacuating into the streets. People inside the YouTube building and neighboring buildings had reportedly been placed on lockdown.

Credit: Don Cometa via Storyful
Daughter Catches Her Mom Singing Karaoke—But What Her Dad Did Makes People Believe in Love
2018-04-03    143 views
A couple in Dallas, Texas, are making people believe in love after a video showing a husband supporting his wife’s singing went viral.

Rachel Dang shared a video on Twitter of her dad waving chopsticks in the air as he supports his wife, who is singing karaoke in their home with a Bluetooth microphone. “I hear my mom singing downstairs and I go to look and LOOK AT THIS !!! MY DAD IS WAVING CHOPSTICKS IN THE AIR!!!!!” Dang tweeted. As of writing, the video has over 6 million views on Twitter and over 120,000 retweets.

Credit: Rachel Dang via Storyful
Sweet Moment Firefighters Reunite Elderly Man With Tiny Dog Rescued From Fire
2018-04-03    0 views
Firefighters rescued a small dog from a fire in a parking garage in Orlando, Florida, and returned it to its owner apparently unharmed on Dec. 5.

According to the Orlando Fire Department the dog was rescued from a vehicle “after two vehicles were engulfed in fire” in the City Commons parking garage on Boone Ave. The dog was not in one of the burning vehicles, the department stated on Twitter.

Credit: Orlando Fire Department via Storyful
Wary for Months, 2 Polar Bears Finally Play Together in Utah Zoo—and It's Super Scary-Adorable
2018-04-02    0 views
Two one-year-old polar bears finally decide to play with each other after months of "keeping a wary eye" on each other.

The bears, named Nora and Hope, came to Utah’s Hogle Zoo in September—the former from the Oregon Zoo and the latter from the Toledo Zoo.

“Following many weeks of introductions, both bears keeping a wary eye on one another, figuring out the nuances of each, checking out their surroundings and so forth—we are pleased to share with you this wonderful video taken yesterday of Hope and Nora playing together,” the Utah Zoo wrote on Facebook on Dec. 12.

Credit: Utah's Hogle Zoo via Storyful
Israeli Soldiers Drop to Their Knees and Girl in Audience Starts to Cry—But Then She Walks to Them and—Wow
2018-04-02    0 views
Israeli Police released a video on Monday, April 2, showing rehearsals for Israeli Independence Day celebrations. At one moment, however, the soldiers drop to their knees and a border officer starts to speak in a microphone.

As it quickly turns out, the officer was proposing to his girlfriend, a soldier with the Israeli Defense Forces. The crowd cheered them on as the couple embraced.

The video was recorded at Mount Herzl where border guards, soldiers, and police officers were practicing for a ceremony due to be held on April 18 for Israel’s 70th Independence Day celebrations, Israeli Channel 20 reported.

Credit: Israel Police via Storyful
Fire Breaks Out on Delta Air Plane at Atlanta International Airport
2018-03-30    51 views
A fire broke out on a Delta Air Lines plane after a mechanical problem forced it to return to Atlanta International Airport shortly after takeoff on Thursday, March 29.

Ronnie Fernando, who was travelling in a nearby aircraft, took video showing smoke billowing from the Delta plane at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

The plane was travelling to Ecuador when a mechanical issue forced it to return to Atlanta, the landing gear caught fire after landing, CBS News reported. The flames were quickly extinguished before the passengers were taken to a replacement aircraft to continue their journey, the report said.

Credit: Ronnie Fernando via Storyful
Cranky Croc Elvis Steals Pool Scoop, Chomps on It—Then Keeper Steps Up
2018-03-30    14K views
Elvis lives up to his reputation of being “Australia’s crankiest croc” by snatching a pool scoop from a keeper at Australian Reptile Park, as seen in this video released on Friday, March 30.

Zookeepers said they noticed a carrot at the bottom of Elvis’s pool on Friday morning and tried to retrieve it with a pool scoop, while the 16-foot, half-ton reptile took a like to it. This video shows a keeper successfully fishing out the scoop after Elvis let go of it. The video then zooms in on the damage caused by his jaws.

The saltwater crocodile was first found attacking fishing boats and stealing barramundi in Darwin Harbour, the Northern Territory. He was then sent to the park in Somersby, New South Wales, in 2007, but the move did not tame his tamper. Elvis ate his stable mates, and lost two teeth after attacking keepers and their lawnmowers in 2011, ABC reported.

Credit: Australian Reptile Park via Storyful
Israeli Police Learn Too Few People Came to Boy's Bar Mitzvah—This is What They Did
2018-03-29    0 views
Police officers in Jerusalem said they stepped in to help a boy celebrate his Bar Mitzvah on Wednesday, March 28, after his celebration failed to draw a large crowd. In a video posted on Facebook and Twitter by Israeli police, a boy named Reuben can be seen dancing on top of someone’s shoulders as police officers cheer and dance around him. The low turnout “quickly came to the attention” of the police, the Facebook post reads, and before long, dozens of officers showed up to help Reuben celebrate, including officers who weren’t on duty at the time.

Credit: Israel Police via Storyful
Boy's Delight Over New Wheelchair Swing At Park Will Warm Your Heart
2018-03-29    0 views
A park in Fort Smith, Arkansas, has installed a swing made for children in wheelchairs and one boy is delighted he can now join in on the fun.

Trish Allen shared a video of her 10-year-old son, Seth, absolutely delighted by the new installation at Creekmore Park. According to a local media report, Seth suffers from several ailments that stem from a stroke he had as an infant. Allen said in the post, “So glad to have this in our community.” As of writing, the video has over 2.3 million views on Facebook.

Credit: Trish Allen via Storyful
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